Exceptional agent

Martha, you are an exceptional agent. I never thought there was a realtor with those features.
I put my property with another broker for 6 months and only brought me an absurd offer for a laughable amount. I decided to switch brokers and contact Martha Perez of the Sutton Centre West Group. I loved her energy and charisma. She charmingly asked me if I allowed her to give an attractive touch to the site, I ask her what the cost would be, and she answered...What!!! Of course, it's totally free, for me it's a pleasure to do it.
I found some boxes, and Martha carefully placed every piece that, for her concept, should not be visible. She redecorated incredibly and was a pleasant surprise...The same day that the property was published I received 3 offers with the highest price than I was expecting, my property was sold in 1 day.
Thank you, Martha, your work was amazing, you're the best!

Martha, the best in her style!

Martha is not only an excellent professional, she is a person really oriented to serve everyone around her in a special way. For me, she is one of those magical people who transform everything they touch and embellish it. Martha has the ability to achieve impossible and help you achieve your goals, especially if it's about selling or buying the property of your dreams. Thanks, Martha for supporting me to achieve my dreams.

Honesty, commitment, loyalty

I met Martha five years ago. Since then she was for me a kind, honest, helpful and leal friend. At work he is a great professional woman, committed seriously with everything she does. Martha is perfect for this job!!!

Passionate and persevering

Marta is a fighting woman, pursues her dreams and does not rest until she reaches them. These qualities added to her intuition will help in her job, searching ideal properties for her clients. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and generous with her time. Congratulations Martha and keep going.

Found everything I needed

Martha Perez has truly fulfilled answered any questions that I had. She is an expert in her field, very professional and attentive. I will definitely recommend her to everyone.

Profesional, leal y responsable

Martha is a wonderful, incredibly professional woman. Charismatic, intelligent, friendly and helpful. With impeccable elegance. I recommend her with my eyes closed. She is the professional you can trust.

Hard Working

Martha, you deserve the best. You are a very hard working lady and whatever your goals are you get those. Congratulations and good luck on the Real Estate Businesses.

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Martha Perez

Residential Real Estate Broker

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