Exceptional agent

Martha, you are an exceptional agent. I never thought there was a realtor with those features.
I put my property with another broker for 6 months and only brought me an absurd offer for a laughable amount. I decided to switch brokers and contact Martha Perez of the Sutton Centre West Group. I loved her energy and charisma. She charmingly asked me if I allowed her to give an attractive touch to the site, I ask her what the cost would be, and she answered...What!!! Of course, it's totally free, for me it's a pleasure to do it.
I found some boxes, and Martha carefully placed every piece that, for her concept, should not be visible. She redecorated incredibly and was a pleasant surprise...The same day that the property was published I received 3 offers with the highest price than I was expecting, my property was sold in 1 day.
Thank you, Martha, your work was amazing, you're the best!

Martha Perez

Residential Real Estate Broker

438 496-4210